Hawaiian Lei Gift Plan

In our daily working environment, there are encounters and farewells.
For such milestones, we have prepared this plan in the hope that you will have a beautiful and memorable gift.
You can present your loved one with a gorgeous and beautiful Hawaiian lei, carefully woven by artisans from fresh tropical flowers.
Choose from three different types of leis priced according to the type of flowers.
What is a Hawaiian Lei?


ハワイの挨拶で有名な「アロハ」は、「Akahai(思いやり)」「Lokahi(調和)」「Olu'olu(喜び)」「Ha'a Ha'a(謙虚)」「Ahonui(忍耐)」という5つの言葉の頭文字を取った単語が「ALOHA(アロハ)」で、前述すべての意味を持ちます。レイ(Lei)は、作り手や送り主のアロハの気持ちを表わしています。


Hawaiian Lei Makers
Yasunori Ogawa

Owner of a flower store in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan, he moved to Hawaii by himself in 2000 to study under a renowned instructor of Hawaiian culture at the University of Hawaii, where he learned how to make traditional Hawaiian leis. In 2004, he opened Japan's first Hawaiian lei store in Ebisu, Tokyo, which merged with the Meguro store in 2014. Merged with the Meguro shop in 2014 and continues to this day.